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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


seeya there!

1:44 PM

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

tomorrow marks the start of my exams and i'm still here. roars. just have the urge to write something down i guess? before everything in my mind gets twirled up as i link key ideas and theories from one module with another. 203 and 221 can practically be best friends because the food corporations mentioned in 221 can be so linked to capitalism and many other economic factors that get tied up with corporations in 203. jasmine and i shared a knowing smile when i talked about Monsanto which i've learned in 221 during my 203 presentation.

and i ate alot these days. one good thing about study week is that we go for lunches and dinners together in big groups! it's always more than 10 people ok, with the regulars like me xueshen xinying peizhi ziai yuenyin vanessa keechen wilmond shaggy jasper gina clement. today was epic with 13 of us (plus darren shianyang edmund xianwei so that makes 17) occupying the entire row of tables in can9. epics.

played alot of the impossible test as me and wilmond try to get the top score in my phone. currently i triumphed at 133 in my phone, but wilmond's best record so far is 128. though it's nowhere near to jeremy loi's record of 121 in xueshen's itouch. or the developer's record of 106 seconds. lol.

and i'm accumulating alot of shows! now i'm waiting for csi (miami, las vegas and newyork), the tudors, and jersey shore to be ready. and i've gotten gossip girls (3 seasons) from clement, and probably glee from xueshen (who took from clement) soon. and there's the old movies! woo. madness.

and then there's things which i don't want to think about right now. i just hate it when it keeps creeping back to disturb/annoy me to no end. ironically, after the exams i wouldn't need to think about it, because it would be out of my reach by then.

rahs. so annoying. back to study!

and i'm gonna skip dinner cuz drank too much tea.

5:46 PM

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


it was drizzling in the evening, and clement was like thanks ah for your big mouth, cuz after i told him on msn that it looked like it's going to have a downpour, it started to rain harder and he hafta keep his clothes. and after dinner it just started raining even harder! and i have made plans to go run with peizhi tonight!! damn emos. ):

and then the rain is totally making me no mood to do the 203 presentation on friday, or start on the 221 essay qns for thursday. well at least i've completed the lecture reading for tmr's 204 lecture. and i cant play those fb games cuz i'm waiting for them to finish cooking/harvest/finish their tasks/increase the HP. RAH.

9 days to exams. and less than 3 weeks to holidays. and i'm still having lectures and tutorials. ZOMGS. let's hope that year2 will be better. i want to go for sakae buffet in ntu! ):

9:08 PM

Friday, April 09, 2010

blogging from old Can A! had a not-so-fruitful tutorial just now because i was practically stoning and i swear i didn't doze off or anything! and somehow time flew so fast that before i even knew it, prof said that we were running out of time for discussion (maybe bcuz there were two presentations today). haaaa.

and i was stoning because i didn't sleep last night! it felt like my thursdays last sem when i would somehow end up sleeping at 6 after chatting with people and then try my best to wake up and go for my 102 lecture at 1030!

it all started from dinner. during dinner i told peizhi i don't plan to go to games room for carrom training. but since we ate rather early, and everyone at the table agreed that i play damn slow (that's junfeng xinying peizhi edmund for you), i decided to go practice lor. junfeng trying to convince gina to play carrom too ma, so cannot lose out alrdy!

and so i played. played 3 rounds with ziai for like 1.5hours. same as my old timing. cui-ed! but at least i didn't lose all the way! and i realised i didn't like to aim, thus at the beginning it may seem like i'm quite fast or zai, but it's because there's alot of seeds arnd for me to aim!

9.30 went up with peizhi to like print notes and stuff before running at 10.30. edmund joined us and we went for half-199 route (cut through the slope at hall3 instead of running to NIE). was suan-ing edmund as 坏人when he insisted that he's 好人. ran back just in time to see the doubles game (xinying and ziai vs. matthew and xianwei) ending (it was towards the end when we left). then me and peizhi decided to play while chillaxing in games room, and edmund was playing with candee at then. then i played damn slow again, so me pz and edmund were the latest. to my horror, it was 12.45am when we were going back to our rooms! (and weiwen and henry were still selling waffles. madness).

walked past reading room and saw shaggy motioning for me to go in. he asked me if i want to play monopoly deal and i said yes! haha. as my roommate was sleeping, and edmund offered his room, we decided to play after we (me and edmund) showered!

but in the end we went to wilmond's room because xianwei (edmund's roomie) and yongjie was practising presentation with shianyang. me shaggy edmund clement wilmond played! shaggy damn zai la. won 2 rounds! but i thwarted his chances of winning the third round cuz i guessed cleverly which property wildcard he have! :DDDDD and a noob like me actually won a round too!! hehehe. quite fun and addictive! probably gonna buy or sth and then play during ncoc/otc! lol.

basically, it's like the card version of monopoly (as you can see from the picture), but there's action cards like Forced Deal, Sly Deal, Debt Collector etc! and that makes it a damn addictive game! some jcrc ppl were crazy over it in the past few weeks and i only played/seen it on wednesday after block supper, when yuenyin ziai edmund clement were playing in clement's room (the deck belongs to clement).

and so we played from 1plus to 3.45am! madness mans. hah. and i decided not to sleep because my tutorial is at 9.30 ma. so might as well. but i dozed off at 6plus la. ha. actually felt quite nice seeing the warm sun at 8plus! and i washed my clothes. haha. just have this nice feeling!

after tutorial met gina and told her about last night. both of us agreed that this sem we were like so much tamer, sleeping at 1,2am! maybe next sem will havoc cuz we gonna share a room together! so exciting. hahas.

and 21days to end of exams! zomgs. received 2 midterms results and the feeling is quite mixed. but nevermind, i shall face it! jiayous!

11:05 AM

Sunday, April 04, 2010

time for updates!

went for xlb buffet at holland v with fy yy jq on wednesday night! deliberately didn't eat much before that (in the afternoon at close to one me and bindhya went to take hss goodie bag, which includes free bubble tea and subway cookie! yuenyin and ashlyn got mr bean soya milk and pancake. heh) so that i can eat eat eat! :D

ate 15 xlb and i'm like sian-ed. the steamboat was nice! love my mutton slices to bits. :DDD and i ate alot of pork and beef slices. no carbohydrates but lotsa proteins! LOL. :x

went back to jurong with yy and i went to find the carrom peeps at the kopitiam opposite city harvest church. and then we went back to hall together! poor xinying got injured!

that nice after showering was in my room when i heard laughter outside. of course go out to see la! traced the laughter to be from xy's room (which is like 2 rooms apart with a pantry in the middle! trust me it's quite far) saw edmund at the door quietly removing clement's slippers away. he put one outside mesy's room and i put the other one outside liling's room. hehe. then went in to chat! got clement ziai xinying peizhi! (edmund soon left). chatted about all sorts of stuff and we suan-ed clement! (since he's the only guy). talked about his hair and i commented about his spiky hair in the 06 sajc yearbook. heh. ended up sleeping at 4! zomgs.

woke up late for the 830 lecture and so i skipped! then after that went for 221 tutorial. after that decided to go home cuz wasnt feeling too good and i was sian to wait for 3 hours to the 221 lecture (dun have hw111 tutorial cuz not my turn to present). just nice during the 221 tutorial dad smsed me asking me what time to fetch me. told him to come at 2.

and you know what? soon after i got into the car and headed back home, it started to rain very badly!

has been raining pretty much for the past few days. on tuesday after i got my clothes out from the washing machine i'm like sian-ed cuz dark clouds are looming! zam sians. then today rained like mad ok! but i still went out for ncoc meeting. and the beautician who attended to me today asked me if i'm 十几岁!! wahahha. :D

ytd slacked at home. wasnt productive! sians. then tomorrow there's otc meeting. took AO (when william didnt think that i would continue!). then today i started the idea of module of HQ studies (which me xueshen changyu are taking - william's majoring in it). lol. i foresee many days in hq ahead! :x

but for now it's EXAMS! 18 days to exams. ZOMGS.

1:03 AM